Bald Hill Prairie Preserve Presentation

Sunday, August 26, 2018

2:00 PM

Bald Hill Prairie Preserve
(A Parcel of Leaf River Ranch)
Home of Illinois’ LARGEST Tree
Now Open as the Newest Byron Forest Preserve

Join us at the Mt. Morris Library at 105 S. McKendrie for a presentation by Mary Rose Fillip.

Presentations are being given about this unique gravel hill prairie ecosystem. See pictures of Illinois’ largest tree, an Eastern Cottonwood. Find out how it qualified as the states’ largest tree. Learn about the state endangered Woolly Milkweed, the Short-eared Owl and Northern Harrier seen on the property. Then follow the path of a very patriotic family of Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants from the Haggerstown Maryland area to Ogle County. The Swingley clan had a large impact on Ogle and Stephenson counties. Their lives are a time capsule of the 1850’s to early 1940’s. Learn of the places they traveled, the businesses they owned, and you will be amazed at the famous people they knew! Mary Rose Fillip has assembled a 100 picture PowerPoint presentation of family history, Native American lore and a list of family names, perhaps even you, that have had a connection to this special piece of property!

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