Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Memorial Day 2020 in Mt. Morris

Memorial Day will be observed differently this year due to health concerns and social gathering guidelines. Mt. Morris American Legion Post 143 urges residents to fly American flags from their homes. Revisit special memories and lessons learned from beloved veterans. Honor the devotion to duty and service of all deceased veterans. Remember the many who sacrificed their lives for us all. Pray for today’s soldiers scattered across the world, whether embedded within their own platoons, or isolated on some lonely outpost, far removed from family and friends.

Flags will not be posted by the Legion on individual gravesites this year, nor will they fly along the Route 64 curve on the northeast side of town. The gathering, transport, distribution, and eventual removal and storage of over 500 flags to and from five cemeteries, in addition to the assembly and posting of 13 large flags on the Route 64 curve, requires the coordinated efforts of many people, often working in close proximity. Families are invited to decorate graves with flowers or flags as usual this year, observing safe distancing and other health related practices.

Flags will fly over the American Legion Veterans Memorial on the corner of Wesley and Main. They will fly over our homes, the Mt. Morris campus, and all government, public, and some private buildings. They will fly over our cemeteries, keep watch over gravesites, and wave far above the monuments below, each bearing the names of our own cherished veterans, chiseled in stone.

Our veterans will not be forgotten. Rather, they will be remembered and honored by their families, friends, community, and the American Legion.  Memorial Day will be observed in Mt. Morris, but differently this year. Please join us.


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