Let Freedom Ring

Mt. Morris, Illinois has been celebrating the Fourth of July since it’s founding in 1848. The festival was officially named Let Freedom Ring in 1963. LFR offers fun affordable and often times FREE entertainment of all types for all age groups. The Let Freedom Ring Festival Committee strives to provide the best possible festival at the best possible prices. The Let Freedom Ring Committee is a not-for-profit group and receives no tax money to put into festivals; all the events are paid for through donations. For more information check out the Let Freedom Ring Festival website.

US National Straw Sculpting Competition

August 11 – 27, 2023

Fine art in straw, giant sculptures displayed on the campus. (StrawUSA.com)


Art Gallery

Old Sandstone Gallery is open Wednesday and Friday nights during the music performances and during other special events, and is located on the first floor of the historic sandstone building on the campus. For more information click here.