Planning Commission

Planning Commission Statement

The Planning Commission is a committee comprised of seven members appointed by the Village President subject to the Village Board’s approval for a four year term.

Meetings are held the first Monday of the Month at 6:45 pm at Village Hall. Meetings are open to the public.

The Planning Commission is responsible for the administration of Village zoning, ordinances, subdivision regulations, and land development within the Village limits.

In 2007 the Planning Commission delegated a subcommittee to revisit the Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Mt. Morris, to prepare and adopt a plan for the present and future development and redevelopment of the Village. The plan describes the goals, policies, and projects that will enable the vision to be realized. In 2009 the Planning Commission published a progress report to review and celebrate its accomplishments in the first two years of adopting the plan.

A copy of the plan is on file in the Village Clerks office.

A  full copy of the Village of Mt. Morris  Comprehensive Plan 2035 can be also be viewed on line here.

Planning Commission Members

Jeff Bold – Chairman


Sylvia Saunders – Secretary


Sterling Taylor


Jon Murray


Sara Morris


Salley Wessels