The Village trustees and employees work hard to improve the infrastructure of Mt. Morris to ensure it is up to date, safe, and inviting for businesses and residents. Here is a list of recent improvement projects in progress or completed. If you have questions, please contact the elected officials listed in the Government section.

Project Date Started Date Completed
Cleaned watertower 2023
New water lines, sidewalks, and street surfacing on Hannah Ave. Dec. 2023
Resurfaced 3 blocks of Reynolds Street July 2023 Aug. 2023
Resurfaced a few blocks of West Center Street July 2023 Aug. 2023
Replaced 500 feet of sidewalk around town June 2023 Sept. 2023
Removed 12 damaged/old trees Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Planted 16 trees to replace those removed Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Replaced water mains, curbs and street for several blocks of Sunset Lane (Phase 2 of project) Oct. 2023 Dec. 2023
Completed state of Illinois-mandated lead lining check 2023 2023
Resurfaced 2 blocks of Bruce Lane 2022 2022